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Community Solar Sponsor Services

Community Power Partners offers full service Customer Acquisition and Community Solar Sponsor Services on a portfolio and third party basis.

New York Community Solar Sponsor Requirements
Each Community Solar project must have a sponsor who owns or operates the project, organizes the subscriptions, and interfaces with the utility.

  • The sponsor may be the project developer, a private company, or other entity.
  • The sponsor provides the utility with a list of subscribers and their percent allocation of the project’s net metering credits prior to interconnection and may update the list on a monthly basis.
  • Each New York project must have a least 10 subscribers (with the exception of projects sited on multifamily buildings whose subscribers are all residents), and each subscriber must be allocated at least 1,000kWh per year (not to exceed their historic average annual consumption). No more than 40% of the Community Solar host’s excess generation may serve subscribers with an average monthly peak demand of 25kW or greater.